Naturecan Lip Balm by The Hemp Hacienda

Naturecan 30mg CBD Lip Balm 10ml

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Lip Balm with CBD - Protecting against the winter 

Enriched with high-quality cannabidiol (CBD), our CBD Lip Balm offers everyday care with moisturising beeswax, sweet citrus hydration and added vitamin E – an essential vitamin and natural antioxidant.

Did you know?

You can prepare your lips this winter with long-lasting  Naturecan CBD lip balm that is 0% non psychoactive. When you have chapped or dried lips, this lip balm offers protection against the winter weather

- 30mg CBD per 10ml

- 0% THC – non-psychoactive

- Certified quality ingredients

- Natural lip protection

- Added vitamin E

Petrolatum (petroleum jelly)
Beeswax light
Coconut frac nat
CBD distillate oil
Orange peel
Citron Sinensis essential oil
Vitamin E

Recommended Use: 
For moisturised and protected lips, add our CBD Lip Balm as needed to keep them hydrated throughout the day.

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