A CBD Valentine's Treat

A CBD Valentine's Treat

Valentine CBD Treat

Want a CBD valentine treat to bring the inner you out or, perhaps just to help relax and fall into the love euphoria?

Yes, the V day can start a debate on whether it’s another chance for commerce to make more money. But then there are those who want to celebrate their love on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re single or in a relationship of any sort we may just be able to help you take advantage of our range of CBD Valentine treats. 

We have a whole CBD Valentine Collection for the month of February, just in case you prefer to celebrate it any other day in the month. 

The Valentine Collection

The CBD massage oil can help remove tension and tightness before you embark on a night (or day) of pleasure. It can be a great way to start off your celebrations or get into whatever good mood you wish. A blend of natural ingredients with brand spectrum CBD oil can be just the treat. 

In our opinion, no valentine should go without chocolates, which we have included in our collection of CBD edibles. If you’re not a fan of milk chocolate then you could try the HempWell CBD Gummies. 

For a relaxing time, just drop in some CBD bath salts. A handful is enough to get you in the mood to just relax or / and recharge, especially if you’ve had an adventurous Valentine day. 

The ingredients used in most products are vegan friendly and organic and 0% THC, so you don’t need to be on a ‘high’ to get into the love bug mood - please check each item to be sure. 

Will CBD Raise Libido 

'Will CBD raise the libido' is a question we’ve been asked before. There are many different reasons why the libido may not function as well as we would want it to sometimes.  Whether it’s an ongoing concern or you’re just shy, whatever the reason we have some good news for you!

Some small research suggests CBD products may improve libido by reducing anxiety. This can include anxiety about sexual performance. Taking CBD to combat anxiety levels may help increase the desire to have sex. So no excuses, get onto the love collection we have assembled for this February 14th and beyond.

Painful Sex

It can be painful for some who struggle with dryness and other elements of painful sex, but don’t let that be the killjoy of your Valentine's Day or otherwise. Sexual pleasures can be enhanced with the CBD intimate lubricant. 

Our products are legal and certified. Prior to taking CBD and hemp products please consult your healthcare provider. At the Hemp Hacienda we like to keep our visitors informed and help them be part of a natural health alternative community to over the counter medication. 

Most importantly, whatever you choose to do - enjoy the month of Love!