CBD Campaigns

CBD Campaigns is a group of CBD products that we feel can assist you when choosing the right product for your specific requirements. We have provided a number of products that are likely to be used together. 
For example, the CBD for Fitness has a range of products that can be used pre and post fitness, such as energy and protein shakes along with recovery bath salts and more.
The Winter Warmer  campaign provides a host of products to support specifically in the winter, such as boosting the immune system and staving off colds that usually weaken the body during the winter months. The CBD teas are to support the immune system, whilst the balms and creams are to help with skin ailments. 
At The Hemp Hacienda we do our very best in making your purchasing journey as easy as possible. If there are any campaigns that you would like to see on our CBD campaign list, please feel free to reach out by contacting us admin@thehemp-hacienda.co.uk   - we enjoy hearing from our visitors.