CBD Christmas Recipes

CBD Christmas Recipes

Tried using CBD in your Christmas Recipes

Have you tried adding CBD in Christmas recipes? In our household Christmas lunch or Christmas dinner would’t be the same without the lashings of gravy on our plates. 

In fact, we can’t imagine any of our roasts without gravy so as a staple to every Sunday lunch or Christmas dinner, we have the CBD gravy recipe that you can try. 

CBD Gravy

Follow this Jaime Oliver’s Vegan Christmas Gravy and add the right amount of 1 step natural CBD Oil . This CBD oil is vegan friendly and 100% organic so it fits in nicely with the vegan gravy theme.  If you prefer traditional gravy, such as turkey, beef etc, you can find the CBD oil dosage that is right for you to your usual recipe too. 

CBD Christmas Juice

Christmas can be exciting with all that food that's about to be consumed which isn’t any other time of the year. However, for the Christmas fitness fanatic having a juice for breakfast prior to a day of indulgence can be just as fitting. ‘My body is my temple’ mantra is often used by our friends who like to keep in shape. So what better way to start the morning!

We introduce to you the CBD Christmas juice , which can aid digestion, especially with the coming hours ahead of food comatose. CBD isolate for your Christmas juice is a perfect way to start your Christmas Day. Just juice away!

And here is a juice cleanse for pre and post Christmas indulgence. 

  1. Handful of baby spinach
  2. 1 medium apple cored and cut
  3. 4 inches cucumber
  4. Half or quarter of fresh lemon (as you desire)
  5. 1/2 inch of ginger
  6. 2 stalks of celery 
  7. 1 carrot 

Juice altogether and once juiced add the right dosage of CBD broad spectrum oil to and stir rapidly until fully mixed. Enjoy your juice!

Nigella Lawson Ice Cream (with The Hemp Hacienda CBD)

We absolutely love this recipe by Nigella Lawson. With just 4 ingredients and done by hand. This recipe is truly genius especially when you add the 1 step CBD natural oil whilst whisking on the first step of the method. What’s not to like - quick and easy and you can add CBD from the first step to create a truly magical no churn coffee ice cream.

Don’t forget, that you can mix and match the above by using them in your own personal recipes or by adding them to your favourite take out. It is best to add CBD in your recipes after the cooking process or when the recipe or is cold or at room temperature and not whilst cooking at high temperatures. 

If you’re planning on sharing the final outcome of your recipes with your guests, please check that they are able to take CBD. Remember, when adding CBD to recipes, take some precautions because each batch or slice may not have the equal amount of CBD layered into it. 

Not all CBD is created equally and that is why we have added links to the products by The Hemp Hacienda that are vegan friendly, free from harmful chemicals, naturally extracted and contained less than 0.2% THC if any at all.

Please be sure to click each product link for the exact details. We are authorised and legal sellers of CBD products in the UK.