CBD for Athletes

CBD for Athletes

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It may come as no surprise with CBD oil being so popular for so many reasons that Athletes have taken to using it too. 

CBD has been known to support the body and mind for those who have a variety of ailments. Online sources reveal that athletes use it to aid with their recovery after competitions. 

Yes, some may be concerned about getting banned from competing. However CBD Oil is available with 0% THC, it is non-psychoactive and has no potential for addiction or overdose. Of course, there are many different countries that set the standard of whether CBD products are legal to use for athletes and these should be checked with the specific competition organisers. 

Apparently the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) says that all natural and synthetic cannabinoids are banned, except for CBD (cannabidiol)

But first, let’s define an athlete. According to the definition by the Oxford dictionary, “an athlete is a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise.” Well we guess that means a number of people. 

We use the term athlete as if it’s only those who compete in the Olympics and other large games, such as Marathons. But no, you and I as a runner, rugby player or a swimmer can be an athlete too. 

Benefits of CBD Oil for Athletes

The benefits of CBD Oil for athletes include:

  • Restful nights sleep. It is important for an athlete to have high quality sleep, which is critical to support their training regime. 

  • Immune system - CBD encourages balance and can help maintain the body’s natural processes. 

  • Promotes better digestive health. With the amount of training some athletes put in, there is no doubt that some may have digestive health issues. 

As an athlete, if you want support with your athletic journey (even if it means kicking on the football pitch for a few hours a week), CBD oil for athletes could be a good choice in helping you maintain your overall body and mind. Whether a park runner or a three times a week gym goer, or a Marathon runner there is a range of CBD products from flavoursome Whey Protein to cooling Muscle Joint Cream and many other CBD Fitness products. 

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