Can CBD or Hemp Support Return to Work Anxiety?

Can CBD or Hemp Support Return to Work Anxiety?

Supporting Return to Work Anxiety with CBD

Whether you work for a large call centre, a small office or are part of a growing start up, some are questioning if CBD or Hemp products support return to work anxiety.   

With lockdown easing in the UK nations, and the increasing number of people having vaccinations across the country sends a clear message - the UK is opening. 

For many businesses this is a sigh of relief, especially due to the financial pressures that have affected some and even closed others down. Bosses and employees alike are uncertain what the forecast of the coming months and year may look like.  Will we close again or will we be able to start planning for a better and stable future?

It is top of the agenda for large businesses on how staff will return to work and this is causing anxiety whether they are at the top of the ladder or on the first rung - both bosses and employees are feeling the strain. 

Anxiety When Returning to Work 

A friend of ours works for a call centre and was asked if she would like to return to the office along with her work colleagues - a big ‘NO’ was answered by the majority. 

Her fears of returning to work are of what many are going through - anxiety. 

Anxious on what is expected, the getting back to a strict processing regime and having to over communicate with her colleagues, the commute and having to readjust yet again. A wave of unease crawls all over her at the mere thought of having to uproot herself after coming to terms of working at home. 

Unfortunately, not everyone will speak out about their anxiety. Some take CBD to help reduce the overall feeling of being anxious or to help with their panic attacks. They may have been taking it whilst at home and feeling quite safe doing so in their own environment and to help them cope with changes.

However, returning to work could pose a different set of issues, whether it is acceptable to be taking CBD in the workplace, even though it is legal. In some cases this is still a taboo to talk about in the office and is often questioned whether CBD oil is safe to use. 

CBD or Hemp can support return to work anxiety and other disorders. The 0% THC products come in a variety of methods to make it easier to use and there are a range of CBD products that are legal.  CBD Oil is popular along with CBD spray, however many have turned to edibles and vapes to help calm them down, reduce or in some cases protect them from further anxiety or panic attacks. 

It is best to find the right CBD dosage for you and to ensure that the place you purchase from is certified like The Hemp Hacienda who are available online and are just an email or phone call away should you need to ask questions on the products. 

If you’re feeling anxious we urge you to:

  1. Speak to your loved ones (family/friends)
  2. Speak to your healthcare provider
  3. Speak to your employer
  4. If you choose to use legal CBD or hemp, to find the correct dosage 
  5. Start slow with CBD and remember, it can take the body time to adjust

At The Hemp Hacienda our customers are our priority, and although we do not offer medical advice, we can provide you with information on our products, which are legal and certified to use. Feel free to contact us or you can order online