Using CBD in Christmas Recipes

Using CBD in Christmas Recipes

Would you use CBD in Christmas Recipes 

The stigma around people using CBD still exists. Fortunately, it is seen more in the mainstream now. The question is, would you use CBD in your Christmas recipe this season? 

Christmas is drawing nearer and we have fabulous CBD Christmas recipe treats for you and your guests coming soon. So keep your eyes peeled.  But, first let’s give you a low down on how to add CBD to recipes and how they can affect cooking. 

How to Add CBD to Christmas Recipes

CBD oil is not cooking oil and should not be used as a cooking oil because the CBD evaporates into the air if heated above 160°c. 

Using CBD oil for cooking should only be undertaken when added to cold foods or mixing them at room temperature because it can let off a bitter taste. This means that you will have ruined your recipe! If you really want to cook with some heat, it may be best to do it at a very low temperature or even left out at room temperature. You can add CBD to your Christmas recipes, whether that be smoothies or stews by mixing a little in at a time. The simplest way is by using a dropper such as the 1 step natural CBD oil that contains broad-spectrum CBD distillate, and is American grown organic hemp. 

Have you ever tried CBD Oil in Christmas recipes?

If you’re searching for a broad spectrum CBD Oil to add to your recipes pre or post Christmas, then this tincture adds an earthy hemp taste to the perfect Christmas cake. It is available in three delicious flavours, including mixed berry, peppermint and natural with an easy to use dropper. For those who like staying up at night, this particular CBD oil tincture can be taken day or night.  

Can’t Cook Christmas Recipes

If you are not a fan of cooking Christmas recipes and prefer the take out version, fear not. You can just add the CBD Oil right onto your favourite restaurant meal or take away.  Opt for the realest CBD Isolate available in 5000mg, odourless and flavourless, so it should give your other ingredients a chance to shine without any interference in terms of favour from this CBD in your recipe this Christmas.

We are often asked what is CBD isolate? With our customer in mind, we have provided a knowledge centre for our visitors to have a read through at your leisure this Christmas season, to understand different aspects of CBD and their uses. If there is something in particular that you feel will assist others, please contact us and we shall have a look to see if we can add it on to help the CBD community in the UK.  

If you’ve never used CBD before and particularly if you are on medication, we always ask our customers to seek advice with their healthcare provider to ensure that the CBD products do not interact with medication. 

If you’re planning on sharing the final outcome of your recipes with your guests, please check that they are able to take CBD. Remember, when adding CBD to recipes, take some precautions because each batch or slice of what you take may not have the equal amount of CBD layered into it. 

The products by The Hemp Hacienda mentioned are vegan friendly, free from harmful chemicals, naturally extracted and contain less than 0.2% THC if any at all. Please be sure to click each product link for the exact details.

We are authorised and legal sellers of CBD products in the UK.