Will Hemp Help With Psoriasis?

Will Hemp Help With Psoriasis?

Hemp and Psoriasis

We were asked ‘will hemp help with psoriasis?’ Interestingly, this month is Psoriasis awareness month in the United States. In the UK Psoriasis awareness week took place in October / November last year and the date is yet to be confirmed for this year. 

What Is Psoriasis?

First we will touch on what psoriasis is before we rush into whether hemp will help with psoriasis. People who have psoriasis usually have flaky dry skin patches, which can affect any part of the body and it can be itchy and sore sometimes to the touch. It is caused by extra cells that build up to the surface of the skin. 

Some people can go about their daily lives without it causing them much or any trouble. Unfortunately, there are others who are greatly affected by it and it can take over the quality of their life. 

Treating Psoriasis

To date, there has been no cure for psoriasis and those who are diagnosed with psoriasis are usually given topical treatment, which can include vitamin D or corticosteroids, that can be applied to the skin. For severe conditions there are other treatments which are administered orally or are injected.

Today you have come here to find out if hemp will help with psoriasis. 

The short answer is yes, hemp seed oil can help with psoriasis according to healthline.  More people are turning to alternative and complementary therapies and hemp is moving fast in this arena, not just with psoriasis but with other ailments, such as anxiety and with lung inflammation . 

Due to the oil being made up of essential fatty acids, which is more than 75 percent Omega-3 and Omega-6, you can use hemp seed oil to support psoriasis.

Please note: we are not medical experts and urge you to take advice from your healthcare practitioner if you are concerned with any of your ailments.