CBD for Winter Months

CBD for Winter Months

What is part of your Winter Warmer Collection this coming season?

It’s pretty mild outside right now for October in the UK but it won’t be long before it will turn into a full blown winter, we think. It can be magical when the tall trees turn from a lush green to different shades of crimson red, and the leaves have fallen scattered around the edge of pathways, the sound of crunching under your footsteps (if it's not wet). The seasonal foods like pumpkin pie and warm soups, and wrapping up in favourite winter jumpers can be quite comforting. 

However, for some the cold season brings a host of ailments from colds that can turn into flu like symptoms to bone joints ceasing up and taking longer to get the body moving. Also, the largest human organ - skin drying out with the low temperatures setting in. Dry hands and brittle nails shouting for a manicure every time you look down and let’s not forget the dullness in hair and chapped lips. 

The winter blues can set in with the dark nights approaching fast. Mindsets can change and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) gains control of some people’s lives.  Sleep disorder, fatigue and anxiety doubled up, particularly now that some are being asked to return to work at the office.   These are just some of the symptoms that affect around 2 million people in the UK, according to Evergreen Life.  It doesn’t paint a pretty picture. 

Instead of reaching out for commercial products which can hold harsh chemicals or over the counter mediation, why not try a natural solution such as The Hemp Hacienda Winter Warmer Collection, which can make the cold months much easier to manage?

The CBD Winter Warmer Collection

At The Hemp Hacienda we have tried and tested some of the products in our Winter Warmers CBD Collection for ourselves.  Of course our returning customers have had the pleasure of being comforted by natural solutions too. Our popular skincare range includes neroli and ylang ylang shampoo bar, lip balm, rescue and revive face and ylang ylang and lemon grass hand cream that can help restore moisture back into the skin. For very dry skin disorders, the 50ml glass jar of nourishing vitamin E cream could be just the face cream that can moisture and heal and hydrate. 

It’s great to be able to prevent the damage cold can do to your skin whilst helping you to look good on the outside, but what about feeling great on the inside too?

Luckily, the HempWell immune support capsule is known to help the body meet the challenges of modern life. The natural CBD is to support the immune system, promote normal glucose levels, aid digestion and maintain normal psychological and mental functions. Best of all, it is organic, vegan -friendly and full spectrum hemp extract combined with carefully chosen nutrients and vitamins. 

Winter Warmer Edibles

The nations favourite drink - tea. Our delicious CBD tea is another great way to help support the immune system and it's flavoured with real cannabis terpenes. Or, of course you can use the CBD Oil to add to your winter warmer recipes. 

Our products contain 0% THC, which means that there is no ‘high’, they are legal and certified. Prior to taking CBD and hemp products please consult your healthcare provider. At the Hemp Hacienda we like to keep our visitors informed and be part of a natural health alternative community to over the counter medication. This winter - Love your Skin, Love your Self