CBD for Insomnia

CBD for Insomnia

CBD Oil for Sleep 

The sleep foundation’s initial research has suggested CBD for insomnia or, actually for those with a sleep disorder may benefit from CBD as a sleep aid. 

It is essential to get rest and particularly a good nights sleep, which is necessary for survival. Humans need to sleep to function as it allows the body to recharge, and the mind to feel alert and refreshed. Researchers have shared over the years that having a good nights sleep can help with cortisol levels and weight loss as well as helping the immune system to fight diseases.

Unfortunately, some people are sleep deprived and do not get enough sleep, which can lead to the weakening of the immune system, weight gain and lower the libido, and may increase risk of diseases. On a mental level, the brain can be foggy and not function well to undertake everyday tasks. Mental alertness is decreased which can lead to accidents, such as when driving or, making mistakes at work. 

There are many claims to how much sleep humans should have. The bottom line is, sleep is required to function properly. 

Support for Insomniacs  

We have listed 5 ways to support lack of sleep.

  1. Exercise in the day.
  2. Making sure your bed time routine is in place for waking up and sleeping the same time each day. 
  3. Remove electronic devices and anything that stimulates your mind.
  4. There are many herbal remedies used for anyone suffering from a lack of sleep. 
  5. Other natural sleep aids include CBD and hemp.

There are many reason people find it difficult to sleep, from anxiety, such as going back to work on a Monday morning, to pain being caused for different  reasons.  

Using Hemp or CBD for Insomnia

Using 0% THC CBD can assist if insomnia is causing a disruption in your life. The Permanente Journal published research in 2019  looking at whether CBD could improve/reduce anxiety. In the first month over 75% of the patients reported lower levels of anxiety and over 66% reported better sleep.

There are many types of CBD products that may be able to aid with insomnia. It is important to purchase from a seller who is certified and legal to sell CBD and hemp products

At The Hemp Hacienda we encourage you to understand what CBD dosage should be considered for your use and if you are unsure, always contact your healthcare provider.